Unique Tutorarc Pvt. Ltd.

About the company: TutorArc is comprised of dedicated IT professional experienced in a wide variety of industry including education, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, examination, social services, manufacturing, finance, other business. They have come together to develop and distribute user friendly softwares, web solutions, SEO that meet the unique needs of today’s busy environment.

Vacancies: 2


Salary: 9000 – 17000 INR


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About CALLING jobs:

BPO industry attracts many fresher every year. The nature of the job is both full-time and part-time. Since most of the freshers are either 12th pass, undergraduate and praparing for further education.

It gives them opportunity to support them financially and learn corporate culture which helps them later. Associate is a the starting level of a BPM and in some organizations they are called as Executives.

They are basically the backbone of any/all BPM companies and no company can survive without Associate level employees. Since most of the crowd is fresher and they are involved in their education, they work for few months or years in BPO industry and leave it.

Many of them are working just to learn language and enhance their personality. These factors hit the stability in BPO industry and that the reason companies has to hire people every month in huge volume.

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