Stellar Organisation

About the company: Stellar is a marketing & Sales agency, specialising in developing & running commercial and community customer engagement programmes. We offer a bespoke outsourcing solution to take our clients’ products, services or brands direct to their customers

Vacancies: 6

Location:Mumbai, Jaipur

Salary: 250000 – 500000 INR

*Graduates & post Graduates who aspires to build themselves as leaders in the industry *Dynamic & Hardworking*Ambitious & Positive Thinker* Inclined towards Marketing & mgmt side of Business* Freshers can Apply* Post Graduate/Graduate Freshers

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A business development executive/Associate is a manager tasked with the job of helping his or her business grow and therefore, they are high-level sales professionals.

Their duties depend on how many people are on their staff. Some executives oversee general managers in different areas. In larger organizations, they may direct one area, such as marketing, finance, or legal services.A large part of an executive’s job is developing relationships with people outside the organization.

These people may be customers or contributors. One way associates/executives create relationships is by giving speeches at confrences. BDE or BDA may also serve on the boards of community groups.

These activities promote the company and its leader. Requirement of each industry is different but product remains same, so a BDE/BDA present the product in a way it appears useful and profitable.

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