Walkin interviews In today’s fast-moving world, everyone wants to learn shortcuts whether they are preparing for IIT JEE Exam or applying for job. They think, shortcut is the only way to get success but that is totally wrong. Any person in this world who is successful because of his hard work and patience. And if you also want to get successful, you have to work hard. Many students know this and do hard work but in the wrong direction and after a failure they demotivated and follow the shortcut tricks. This happens because they do not know the proper way. So I am sharing this article so that you can hard work in a better way and improve yourself during job interviews so that you can easily find a job.

walkin interviews and job interviews

Walkin interviews


Do research:- Before going for walkin interviews or by going under in any recruitment process, search the company details very well. You have to find how the company works and in which field they are working from how long time. If you’re the relative or known person working in the company then ask him about company policy, working atmosphere, culture. It is helpful to answer any questions when an interviewer asks these type of questions- how you will help in company growth, why we select you and all that.

Some Important Aspects Review While Recruiters Hiring

Sell yourself:- Many times students afraid of this part. They feel shy when the recruiter asks about their achievement. This is the stage when a recruiter does not find confidence in you. Being more humble may ruin your image in front of the interviewer at that time. So tell them what you have done in your past and your achievements with full of confidence. 


Update your social media profiles:- Often a recruiter checks a candidate’s social media profile to find what he does in his personal life, mood, hobbies and all. So make sure your hobby written in a CV and social media account should be the same. The most important account that is Linkedin which is a professional hub. So make the Linkedin account more creative and add some mentors whom you are following.


Know your weakness and strengths:- For getting placed you have to stand out from the pack. And work on those things that are mistaken by most of the candidates. To do so cover your weakness as well as strength. Lots of candidates focus only strength and when the interviewer asked about weakness they say I have not any weakness. Please don’t answer this. Because no one is perfect and everyone has a weakness. So tell them your weakness but also ready to cover it with your strength. It will make a good impact on the recruiter. 


Having a good reference:- A new era of the world is going toward networking. To trust a known person is better than a stranger. Employers love to see your engagement in company employees and professionals. It really matters that you referred to by whom and what is his credibility in the organization. A lot of candidates do not have this opportunity. This does not mean that they can’t do a job in the industry. It shows they have to work more hard to get a job without a reference.


Above solutions are about cracking job interview, But most of the job applicants face the problem of not getting interview calls. It is not easy to get selected from thousands of applicants for appearing in the job interview. Skill assessment test is the best way to highlight yourself among various applicants. So, JobLana creates a platform/ to hire candidates which will refer you as a most eligible candidate on the behalf of JL test. JobLana has an agreement with more than 2000 companies and in these companies, JobLana Test has great credibility towards its scorecard for walkin interviews. If you also qualify the test with high percentile marks then this reference will be yours. On the basis of JL Test Score and profile, you can appear for various job openings throughout the year.