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In today’s world depend on the professional field, everyone wants to create new things and grow higher by increasing his value in the society. That is the reason India has in a start-up phase. This is very good to grow and it is really important for you and your country but before starting you have to know everything about that field. Because employees help you to make bigger revenue and contribute to the company’s growth. Employees are the person who works hard for your company to make the client happy and convert an idea into reality. So in this article, I will tell you how to manage and hire first staff for your company in this world professional field.
1. The pressure of starting the organization: – the initial stage of any organization need strict management. In starting money’s outflow is very bad and they confused about how to manage the budget. Under the pressure of the budget, they have to recruit employees which also needs money to conduct the interview. At that time they have to decide fast and they have no choice except selecting candidates in the professional field.

2. Having less hiring experience:- a young startup concern about money so they don’t hire any HR instead of that operation or finance department people take responsibility for recruitment. The result is very obvious that they don’t have enough experience to do this. They failed in their work and this problem noticed when problems became during routine activities. In the end, they are helpless and hire through recommendation basis.

3. Weak negotiation skills: – as the HR department of a startup is not professional of this negotiation skills field. They faced a problem in negotiating with experienced candidates about salary and perquisite. This makes a problem when they offer far more salary to experience candidate and unusually bargain with deserving candidates. Poor negotiation skills keep away deserving candidate and give easy entry to undeserving candidates.

4. Fewer assessment tools: – every company has their own way to find the efficiency of their employees. Start-ups are not aware of these techniques very well and they assess their employee by the usual way which is not accurate and they have to suffer it later. Most of the companies do not decide their goal or idea to expand their business and they might be unable to assess their companies’ monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

5. Clarity of vision: – companies have already a target to achieve before initiating a startup. But they don’t know to achieve the target is not possible alone for them. There is a very crucial role for employees. The company cannot grow without the support of its employee so it is HR responsibility to explain his organization culture and vision to the employee at the time of recruitment. So that employee adopts the culture of the company and works as a team player.
Taking recruitment like a child is a very unprofessional way of hiring. Now, most of the start-ups learn this by their mistakes and realize it as a big threat for the future of their company. To prevent this mistake from start-ups,

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