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Today is a very crucial time for companies hiring as well as candidates. Both the people face some problems when companies hiring. The difference is that candidate make more noise and count their problems but companies do not. Of course, the main reason is candidates number is very large in respect with companies. Today I am sharing companies side what they face and what is the solution to it.

1. Enough resources:- This is the biggest problem faced by HR that they do not have enough resources to find better candidates. Not receiving enough resumes with needed experience unable them to shortlist candidates. Many big companies spent a large budget on ads and small companies use free platforms for finding candidates. So this creates a big problem to find eligible qualified candidates.

2. Time taking process:- Recruitment is a time taking process and sometimes it takes a very long time to process. The company has to first decide their need and after that, they have to find a platform so that they can invite a candidate and complete their recruitment process. It takes much time and enough money to spent.

3. Find perfect candidates:- Usually, companies take a single interview and in an interview, they ask some questions regarding their need and test their knowledge. It looks easy but sometimes a recruiter has to hit a brick wall to find a perfect candidate to meet their requirements. The condition is worst when not coming to enough resumes and they have to shortlist amongst them.

4. Deciding the culture of candidates:- HR has a big responsibility to find employees which can adopt companies atmosphere and culture so that teamwork can do their work more efficiently. And it is nearly impossible to know in a single meeting what is the behavior of a candidate because every candidate shows himself a nice guy. So recruiter has to clearly tell the candidate their company culture and vision.

5. Understand data analytics:- HR has to deal with the big database when they start the recruiting process. In front of the many types of data and technology available which is difficult to understand. Make a sense of data which is useful for employee hiring may be tricky.

We had talked about the companies hiring problem facing HR during recruitment. Now time is for a solution. and the solution is JobLana which is one-shop-stop for it. JobLana gives all the solution on one platform.

As we first talk about resources and JobLana has a big resource of eligible candidates which have qualify JL test and having potential to do a wonderful job and fulfill HR all criteria.

The second one is a time taking the process and JobLana does this work easy for the company by taking JL test which score is available in data record so that company has to decide which score gainer candidate they have to shortlist for interview. It prevents from company to waste time in taking a test or invite thousands of people for interviews. And the last but not least is data analysis which is more tricky to understand but JobLana provides its solution too.

JobLana has their own database of all the candidates which is easy to understand and shortlisting candidates. As JobLana works on blockchain technology, it makes easier to find an eligible candidate and shortlist for interview.