job offering in campus placement

campus placement

There is nothing existed in the world which has only a way. Tn how it is possible that a country which has billions of people has only the way to get a job.

Billions of people mean billions of mind and every mind has own capacity which is able to get a job. There are many ways in India for getting a job if you are not placed in campus drive. But it is not wrong to say if you are not placed in campus recruitment on campus placement then you are in a big trouble. You have to work more hard to get a job. So don’t lose your hope. We are here to help you and give advice for getting placed.

1. Use reference:- Many employees are already working in the company and they have their own credibility. If you know any person who is ready to take responsibility for yours on behalf of his credibility then you can also enter in the company. This is called “JUGAAD”. It is purely unprofessional but in India, it is very popular and many candidates get their first job with this technique.

2. The job fair:- A place where some companies come together to take their own interviews or aptitude test is called job fair. Usually job fair is to collect job seekers to target own business. Some small institute and coaching arrange job fair so that his college gain more publicity and some more student can join their professional short term job oriented courses.
3. Direct recruitment:- Many companies announces recruitment drive in their company office when they required employees in the middle of sessions. Normally campus recruitment takes place when a semester ends. Then this is the way the company hires employees in between semester. This is also a good way to get the recruit in a company by showing your knowledge and ability.
4. Assessment test:- Assessment test contains a test which you have to qualify with high percentile and after that companies call that candidate for interview and select them on the behalf of interview and test. The assessment test is a tie-up with company and assessment test taker to find better candidates and filter waste candidates.

In the market, you found many assessment tests but JobLana is the best amongst them due to their unique idea of the blockchain. Blockchain in the job industry is a revolutionary idea which is first launched by JobLana. The assessment test for campus placement is only based on how many companies tie up with assessment test and you will surprise that JobLana has the tie-up with more than 2000 companies which are a great option. This is the most comfortable way for those candidates who can not move on a daily basis for interviews without knowing it is genuine or not. So if you are also one of them who does not wants to waste his time in wandering from company to company instead of studies and improving your skills then this is the right platform to give a clear direction to your career and grab this huge opportunity.

so the final thing is this, campus placement is not the only way to get a job in India.