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assessment test

Finding a job is one of the most difficult tasks after completing your studies.

Engineering and MBA students have at least a name of professional qualification but normal graduates and 12th passed students have no chance to go for a particular field or any off-campus drive. It does not mean normal graduate have not skilled but they are helpless and they do not get a single chance to prove themselves. But this unemployment does not forgive to professional graduates. They also suffer from this problem. So JobLana creates a platform for all the graduates. This Assessment test comprises four parts with a combined time of 2 hours in which quant, reasoning, English and domain test. These test will be objective type. After giving the test your score will be shown on the website. So in this article, I will explain to you, how this JobLana test will help you in getting a job.
  1. Carve your skills:- JobLana test is a combination of mental and comprehension skills. this assessment test will analyze your full skill in a proper way. As this test has reasoning and quaint, it will help recruiters to take a better decision for the right candidate. With this assessment test, you can also analyze your skills and improve your weaker sections.
  2. Get better counseling:- JobLana test has a great staff which has a good year of experience in the corporate market. JobLana provides you with better counseling for making your future bright. It helps you to find a job where you want and also the specific fields. JobLana will guide you so that you can choose better for yourself. JobLana Test also gives you tips on how to prepare for written test and interview which will help you a lot.
  3. Get equal chance:- most of the time normal graduates were left behind by professional candidates because of a degree. A degree does not show the talent and if normal graduates do not have a degree, they are not able to do work. But JobLana does not believe in partiality and give equal chance to everyone. With a single test, every candidate will be on the same platform and the more marks get student get more preferred by recruiters.
  4. Visible to more recruiters:- after passing the JobLana test with good percentile marks your CV will be visible to more companies. Usually, assessment test results declare after 7-8 days and after that, according to your marks, you will be called for interview. If your score is too low then it is possible that no company will be more interested in you. So high marks in the test will decide your future.
  5. The chance to apply more companies:- JobLana Test has a contract with more than 2000 companies which will take the interview on the basis of the JL test. So you also can understand how big platform is that and after the test in how many interviews you can attend.

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