government job and private jobs

government job private job

Is a private job test like a government job written test, and what is the difference between the government job computer-based written test and private job computer-based test questions?

In a government job written test, they conduct the test to fill the vacancies in the government sectors with the certain pay scale. The exam can be in essay form and also MCQ’s and the questions can be asked from the current political affairs. The private exams include mainly the aptitude test and English proficiency test. JobLana is one of such website which conducts the test privately for the MNC companies with the various format.

The exams are conducted for the registered candidates which contain four parts each carrying 25 marks each. The test mainly includes a quantitative test, logical reasoning, English and grammar test and finally the domain test. Alike the government exams they do not have essay type questions and general knowledge questions. The marks scored in the test conducted by JobLana are considered by various companies for their initial screening test. The best candidates are selected by JobLana and given to the recruiters of the respective companies which reduces their burden. They use blockchain technology to save the candidates scores hence making it transparent and genuine.

So there is a difference between the exams conducted by the government and private sectors wherein private there can be transparency in the exams and the scores and in government, it may be little less.

JobLana Test is the world’s first test whose credibility can be proved through the concept of Blockchain. The test score is free from any kind of manipulation. The even JobLana team itself cannot intervene at any point of the process.

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