job interview

job interview

The job interview is the first interaction of yours with the company’s HR and also the time to make the first impression on them.

So it is very important to be ready and prove yourself a right candidate. This is the time when you can shine and the job will be in your pocket. So tighten your belt and start preparing for it with me and my tips.

1. Check the company’s profile for the Job interview:- Before going to interview you have to some research about the company and their future plan and goal. You must search for basic things about the company and how they work. If possible meet any employee of the company to know more about the company. This information will help you to talk about in depth at the time of interview. It will look like you are very interested to work with the organization and you will be a long-term investment for the company.

2. Compare your qualification with the requirement in the Job interview:- check the recruitment notification very carefully and match the requirement with your qualification. Read all the detail and examine yourself and prepare according to the requirement. You don’t need to prepare beyond the syllabus and expectations.
3. Select dress:- For the job interview always choose a formal dress with a decent look. Never dressed too much fashionable after all you are going for an interview. Make sure your dress is clean and well ironed. It will make a positive impression on the recruiter.

4. Prepare your documents:- Make a CV for the job interview with your mentioned strong point and your all academic certificates original copy with a photocopy. If you have any extra course or curricular activity certificates then keep them too. With all these documents keep your ID proof and address proof like an adhaar card or pan card.

5. Prepare some FAQ:- It may prove the best part of your preparation. Some questions are regularly asked by the interviewer, as your future goal or reason to join the company, your strengths, and weakness, past achievements. Answers these question with some delegacy and full honesty. It will easy to recruiter judge you efficiently. So always prepare yourself with some anticipated questions which answers will give you a bonus point.

6. Prepare your questions list:- Many times candidate do this mistake they do not prepare their question list and when the interviewer asked them for questions, they say nothing to ask. It is a very bad thing. Always prepare a list of questions. Keep in mind that question should not be the easily google searched, it looks you are a lazy person and do nothing for getting a job. Make a list of questions that reflect your interest towards the company.

7. Practice with your friend:- It will boost your confidence and you know your weakness. If your friend is also going for the same interview then it will more benefit to you. You both can test and share feedback with each other. Keep in mind never talk too fast or too slow. It shows you are nervous and not confident in your answers.

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