JobLana test powered by blockchain technology

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JobLana test powered by blockchain technology

So Let’s get started, let me give you a brief about JobLana

JobLana is a platform giving the opportunity to freshers and job seekers to get benchmarked score based on JobLana Test powered by blockchain technologyto bring themselves closer to more than 2000 recruiters for getting hired and also meeting companies demands to acquire the best talent.

Whether you’re a professional looking for jobs, or an employer searching for the best talents for your organisation, we’re here to help! Committed to our mission to find jobs for people they’ll love and connect companies with the talent they need.

For job-seekers, JobLana provides a platform to build your CV and help you to get a call from hundreds of recruiters based on your JobLana Test score stored on blockchain plus you have access to apply for regular job openings from our partner companies that dramatically improving your chances of getting your dream job, with much less effort.

For recruiters, JobLana provides the best way to reach out more than 40,000+ qualified candidates evaluated using our innovative evaluation criteria with the ease of JobLana Test powered by blockchain technology and getting the best candidate without any of the hassles but with huge savings in cost and effort.

What made us start JobLana? (The Problem)

We know there are already several existing job portals across India like Naukri, Shine, Monster etc all getting a huge amount of traffic from the Job Seekers but in the end, if we see a major percentage of candidates remain unemployed even when there are sufficient amount of jobs available from companies.

Then what’s really the problem, we have both Job Seekers and the recruiting companies but neither of them is satisfied.

Let me explain you with a simple example-

Suppose a company wants to hire two candidates for Sales and Marketing Profile in their company, so they post a job on the above-mentioned portals. Now what happens, more than 400 candidates apply for this job position in 3 days as it was offering a decent salary.

Now the problem starts as the company has only one person who is handling the hiring in the company but going through 400 resumes to filter out candidates for the interview which is a big and time-consuming work for him.

So what he actually does to complete his hiring, he just glances over the resumes and shortlists few of them and called for interview but unfortunately, none of the candidates qualifies the interview.

Bad Luck for him now he has to go back to job applications again and filter out some more candidates.

On the other side even if Job Seekers were well qualified in their field they have to suffer as they weren’t suitable on certain standards of the company.

This was one of the main reason for starting JobLana

Another problem from the Job Seeker Prospective is that most of the time they aren’t able to highlight themselves in front of recruiters while applying for jobs as there is no standardisation method available out.

What JobLana is offering using Blockchain Technology? (The Solution)

Now we thought can’t we provide recruiters a tool so that they get certain criteria to filter out the candidates who have applied for the job.

So we decided to conduct JobLana test assessing their specific job role knowledge, talent assessment, cognitive thinking, emotional intelligence, English proficiency, problem solving and integrity but the big question was how to prove the credibility of this test score.

We decided to conduct this Test using Blockchain Technology.

Let see how we used Blockchain Technology that gives credibility to JobLana Test Score.

  1. All the questions which are made for the test are made by industry professionals and directly stored on the blockchain in an encrypted form so that no one can change, delete or see the questions.
  2. All the test pattern and the difficulty level of paper is decided by top industry professionals in each job roles and it’s stored on Blockchain so that no one can interfere in the making of the test.
  3. Once the candidate submits the answers at the test centre than those answers are automatically encrypted and goes to the blockchain where pre-stored correct answers are already present. Hence using the special secret key these encrypted answers sheet would be decrypted and automatically matched hence removing the role of manual intervention.
  4. The Test Score generated is immediately stored on the blockchain chronologically so it remains safe from any manipulations from anyone and easily accessible to anyone for checking its authenticity using the candidate JobLana Test ID.

Now using our provided solution powered by blockchain technology, recruiters get a tool to filter out the candidates based on the overall test score as well as specific section score mentioned above.

They also get to know the history of the candidate applying for the job also it can be easily validated.

While for the Job Seekers, we give them a chance to prove themselves and get highlighted in front of recruiters as well as applying for jobs suiting them.

JobLana believes that every candidate should get a credibility to their profile based on their test score and get an equal opportunity when they are in front of the recruiter. So JobLana Test is giving one such opportunity such that they can highlight themselves in front of the recruiter and where the recruiter can verify the credibility of the candidate based on the test score which is conducted totally on blockchain so it remains totally immutable, irreversible and transparent to everyone.

This is the first step toward filling of the gap between Job Seekers and Recruiters using the innovation of blockchain technology.

Currently, we’re working on several other problems of this Job Industry so just wait there is a lot come.

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