companies choose JobLana Test

why companies choose JobLana?

The first Question is, Why should pay for any recruitment consultancy when you can get this service for free of cost.

Companies Choose JobLana because JobLana provides a way to reach out to suitable candidates from different parts of India, using standardized evaluation criteria – all without any of the attendant logistical hassles, and with tremendous savings in cost and effort.

India’s most Trusted Assessment Test, JobLana Test powered by Blockchain technology for freshers job offering and recruitment company

Whether you’re a professional looking for jobs, or an employer searching for the best talents for your organization, we’re here to help! Committed to our mission to find jobs for people they’ll love and connect companies with the talent they need.

For job-seekers, JobLana Test provides a platform to build your CV and help you to get a call from hundreds of recruiters based on your Joblana Test score stored on blockchain plus you have access to apply for regular job openings from our partner companies that dramatically improving your chances of getting your dream job, with much less effort.

For recruiters, JobLana Test provides the best way to reach out more than 40,000+ qualified candidates evaluated Using innovative evaluation criteria with the ease of JobLana Test powered by blockchain technology and getting the best candidate without any of the hassles but with huge savings in cost and effort.

JobLana Test is the world’s first test whose credibility can be proved through the concept of Blockchain. The test score is free from any kind of manipulation. The even JobLana team itself cannot intervene at any point in the process.
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