After completing your studies the next big challenge awaits for you is finding a job. On-campus placed students have a relief, but who did not get placement from campus they have to suffer the struggle of finding a job. All the preparation for various semester exams, your effort, seems a waste of time when you are not placed on-campus selection. Every recruiter looks at them like an alien and do not consider them a right candidate for the post. It ruins all the hardwork, all those sleepless nights, to make good academics but all in vain. But it is not the end of the world. However, it is true that off-campus selection is not easy but not so tough.

Many of the people think that in the off-campus selection you don’t have a support of your teachers and it will make worst to get you a selection. It is true that it makes a bad impact on your profile, Company looking at you like you are just one of the millions who don’t have a job.

Finding your first job is very tough after that you can make your own way to find the best job for you. Many consultancies will promise you to find the best job but most of them are fraud. In this stage, it is very important that who is right for you and who is not. Friends and relatives give you all type of different advices and you get confused.

In off-campus placement when you go for a job interview, recruiter just glance over your career profile and if you are a fresher they neglect you like a waste material even if you are from a reputed college. The recruiter does not take fresher’s CV seriously because of lack of experience and does not have any references. Going company to company by yourself is ridiculous and time consuming, and after the rejection, it breaks the candidate’s morale and self-confidence. In an easy word, you can say that for freshers, to find a job is the worst task.

For those students who do not have a professional degree in their academic record, they find more difficulties in this task. Simple graduation and 12th passed students have to try harder and at the end, they find only rejection. It get stressed for some students and they can not understand what to do next. At a time of desperation, we at JobLana will help you to find a number of opportunities to find your dream job with the credibility of joblana test. 

JL Test is computer based exam of 2 hours duration in which applicant have to solve 100 questions. On the basis of applicants score in JL Test, an overall percentile is calculated for each candidate and After getting score, Applicant will be able to apply for various companies vacancies .The JobLana provides the best platform for getting a job. It will help you to make your profile stand out among other candidates and recruiters find you as one of the best eligible candidate for the post. We have contacted to more than 2000 companies to facilitate job interviews and seminar which will help you in finding a job.

In the end, I will say to all of you that every body gets an abundance of opportunities in life but few are capable to actually grab them. But Never lose hope. Always give your best and one day you will reach your goal. My best wishes are always with you so that you find your dream job.

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