In Final Year of Graduation or after being graduate the first thing triggers in everyone’s mind in job & career. It does n’t matter in which field you have done your graduation. There are so many best job opportunities for Graduates, and many companies job offering for graduates.

job opportunities for freshers

Job opportunities in JobLana

The path to career opens when you start exploring jobs. But which career to be chosen is the most important thing. The very first step towards the career life after getting the degree, you need to focus on your chosen career.

There is so many company fresher’s job offering for the graduate.  Getting the job and seeking for the job there is a lot of difference. There are certain jobs opportunities for graduates, whether you are graduate in BA/BBA/ There are so many job opportunities for graduates like Graduates, BA Graduates in India.

To Convert your dream into reality, you just need to be realistic about what do you want exactly. This is the very first step of the career ladder. After being fully determined about your expectation and dream, get prepare your-self for Job opportunities graduates and freshers in India.

Job opportunities for graduates is one of the best platforms where will give wings to your career life and provide the best job in your views. We provide to best job and support to get placed in your dream company.  Here we will provide you with the best job opportunities graduates and freshers in India. After doing proper R& D, Team Joblana got to know that fresher seek the after job opportunities graduates search online for job opportunities for graduates like B.A/, Job opportunities for B.Com.  We help you in getting a job in the following field and choose your first step career.

  • IT
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Calling (Inbound/ Outbound)
  • Operations
  • Accounts

For job-seekers,  based on your JL Test score plus, We provide you best job access to apply for freshers job opportunities for graduates in various MNC’s and startups by improving your chances of getting your dream job, with much less effort.

JobLana Test is a screening test job offering, give opportunities for graduate and take first step career. The JL test (skill assessment before the interview)

JL Test is an offline exam. The total time duration of the JL test is 120 mints to solve 100questions. It covers the 4 basic sections and each section carries 25 questions.

  • Logical Reasoning
  • English Proficiency
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Subject test for the particular domain

After qualifying the JL Test, You will get job opportunities for graduates. Many companies post a job offering, then depending on the performance in assessment test for jobs,  We shortlist your cv for  IT, Sales and Marketing, Calling, Operations, and accounts. The interview process will be conducted after a week from being shortlisted.

We are connected with 1000’s of recruiting companies in India, We forward CV to the companies for Job offering process. Top MNC’s and Startup’s post a job offering for fresher jobs in Delhi, fresher jobs in India. Depending on location you can get a job offering for fresher

So Never get disappointed if you don’t get any job in a particular field. The career opportunities are not limited if you have no expertise in any field. There are so many jobs for freshers in India. You just need to explore your abilities, make a plan and take the first step toward the career. Because qualification layer is not always necessary to get the job into the particular field if you have real abilities to do it. Just explore the options and we are here to give you direction and to lead you toward your goal. For further information, you can contact us at

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